Wanna be a Spaceman was born out of an original blog post 'No-one ever told me I could be a spaceman' - after a lifetime of poor career guidance she vowed to create a curated library of professionally produced videos which would give a realistic insight into a variety of industries.
The opportunity to turn an idea into reality didn't present itself until an event in October 2013. Launch 48 (www.launch48.com/cardiffweekend) brought together an eclectic mix of folk from various industries including web development, marketing, business and education.
Over a period of 48 hours, hardly any sleep and a lot of coffee, a team of nine people filmed a load of great people talking about their jobs, built an extensive backend database which allowed people to search the site, designed a beautiful website and got a social media presence.
The result was a social enterprise called 'Wanna be a Spaceman' - the principle behind the site is not to try and solve every problem that exists in the world of careers advice, but rather to do one thing well. Beautiful, simple & inspiring videos which will help to inspire, direct and give choice to anyone who needs some careers guidance.
Search. Watch. Be inspired.

Our core values

A commitment to inspire and give choice to those who need career guidance.
A determination to ensure user privacy by not collecting any identifiable data.
A pledge to undertake business practices in an ethical manner and never, ever to be evil.